Optical Smoke Alarms

fire detection cameraFire detection systems of the newest generation, such as fire cameras are an excellent way to increase the fire safety for hotels. They have many advantages which make them superior to conventional fire and smoke detectors.

One of them is that fire cameras can monitor a much larger area. For instance, a fire camera can oversee an entire hotel complex and its surrounding premises. As compared to smoke detectors, digital fire cameras can also work outdoors. This way, a fire camera can also be used to detect fires in places were a smoke detector wouldn’t work, for example in the outdoor pool area of the hotel or in the parking lot.

Fire cameras can easily be integrated into an existing CCTV system

Most hotels will likely already have CCTV cameras in place. Hotel owners can increase the fire safety by simply replacing ordinary CCTV cameras in their system with fire cameras. This way, the CCTV system can continue to work yet will provide the added benefit of increased fire safety.

Fire cameras are a fully automated

Digital fire cameras are not just simple passive cameras. Modern fire cameras can automatically trigger an alarm when they spot a fire and can even submit the exact coordinates the fire. This makes them suitable for all those locations where in the past the only way for increased safety had been visual observation by a person.

Fire cameras can detect fires reliably and fast

In recent times, fire cameras have become increasingly reliable and fast. They can detect fires in a mere seconds while keeping false alarms at a very low rate when compared to other fire detection systems.

If you happen to manage a hotel restaurant and want to learn more how an optical smoke alarm and fire cameras can increase the fire safety of your premises, you can read more at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fire-safety-risk-assessment-sleeping-accommodation

A very affordable way To travel


Not everyone has the cash to spend on numerous luxurious travels and holidays each and every year. For most people, in particular for those families with children, a vacation is always something that will cost a good amount of money. Many of us may even save up some money during the year which we can later on spend comes vacation time.

On the other hand, when money is an issue, there are more affordable ways to travel rather than spending the most of your cash on expensive hotels or holiday rentals. Maybe you guessed already, one of those more affordable ways of traveling is camping!

Now, there is a chance that you may immediately wrinkle your nose when you hear the word camping. Many of us may still think that camping would be rather stressful and that it is certainly not what we have in mind if we think about our next vacation. Yet nothing can be further from the truth!

Camping today doesn’t mean that you will have to pack your sleeping back and that need to have to spend your vacation time crammed inside a tent. You definitely also won’t have too warm up your food  above a campfire like they did in the old times!

The best and most enjoyable way go camping today will be if you hire a campervan. This has several advantages which I want to go over here quickly:

With a campervan you obviously have freedom to go anywhere you want to at any time you want. This means that you can see places that other people might not ever see they will be stuck in your hotel rooms all throughout their vacation time.

In the same way as you are independent and free to go where ever you want in your van you also have freedom to prepare your meals at any time of day when you feel like it. You don’t need to go to expensive restaurants.

Modern camper vans can come with a lot of luxuries built in that can range from a fridge and kitchen to a nice cozy sleeping area. Some models come with an awning so that you can expand your living space during your holiday.

And above all of course will be that you can save a lot of money when you choose to travel with a campervan.

A Taste of The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters UK are Great Britain’s most successful surprise entertainment act. This is a video of one of their classic wedding and birthday performances.

The Singing Waiters UK have recently also started to perform on various cruise ships. This adds to the group’s repertoire that now includes the classic singing waiters act, flashmob performances and entertainment for special occasions.

The British Get More University Offers Than Other Ethnicities

British natives are more likely to get university offers than other ethnicities, according to The Guardian. A new report found that twelve of the 14 minority groups in the study were less likely to receive university offers compared with white Britons.

The study, conducted to take a look at the question of ethnic differences in universities in the UK determined that applications from 12 of the 14 minority groups included in the analysis were significantly less likely to result in an offer.

In terms of academic and social characteristic factors, the study found the disadvantage was greatest with immigrants from Pakistan. Those received on average seven additional rejections for every 100 applications.