A Taste of The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters UK are Great Britain’s most successful surprise entertainment act. This is a video of one of their classic wedding and birthday performances.

The Singing Waiters UK have recently also started to perform on various cruise ships. This adds to the group’s repertoire that now includes the classic singing waiters act, flashmob performances and entertainment for special occasions.

A very affordable way To travel


Not everyone has the cash to spend on numerous luxurious travels and holidays each and every year. For most people, in particular for those families with children, a vacation is always something that will cost a good amount of money. Many of us may even save up some money during the year which we can later on spend comes vacation time.

On the other hand, when money is an issue, there are more affordable ways to travel rather than spending the most of your cash on expensive hotels or holiday rentals. Maybe you guessed already, one of those more affordable ways of traveling is camping!

Now, there is a chance that you may immediately wrinkle your nose when you hear the word camping. Many of us may still think that camping would be rather stressful and that it is certainly not what we have in mind if we think about our next vacation. Yet nothing can be further from the truth!

Camping today doesn’t mean that you will have to pack your sleeping back and that need to have to spend your vacation time crammed inside a tent. You definitely also won’t have too warm up your food  above a campfire like they did in the old times!

The best and most enjoyable way go camping today will be if you hire a campervan. This has several advantages which I want to go over here quickly:

With a campervan you obviously have freedom to go anywhere you want to at any time you want. This means that you can see places that other people might not ever see they will be stuck in your hotel rooms all throughout their vacation time.

In the same way as you are independent and free to go where ever you want in your van you also have freedom to prepare your meals at any time of day when you feel like it. You don’t need to go to expensive restaurants.

Modern camper vans can come with a lot of luxuries built in that can range from a fridge and kitchen to a nice cozy sleeping area. Some models come with an awning so that you can expand your living space during your holiday.

And above all of course will be that you can save a lot of money when you choose to travel with a campervan.

Consider Electronic Invoicing When You Travel Often on the Job

Many businesses today are already taking advantage of electronic invoicing because it helps them to significantly save costs and time.

electronic-einvoiceAside from those obvious benefits of E-invoicing it provides a further, massive advantage and this is increased mobility.

Electronic invoicing can be ideal for all those professions where it’s all about mobility, from construction to freelancing work and basically any type of job where people are often on the go.

Obviously, it’s also the best and most effective way to fo your invoices when you are working in the travel industry.

With electronic invoicing you are now able to do your invoices wherever and whenever you want, quickly and conveniently right from your mobile device. It can be as easy as that you cam use a special app that allows you to send and receive invoices instantly.

In practice this means that you can do your invoices within minutes wherever and whenever you want without the requirement to return to the office. You could complete work at one client’s site and do all require invoicing while you are on the way to the next.

If you travel a lot it will make your work even more flexible.  In addition to that you can save a considerable amount of time. At the end of the workday you won’t have to do those tedious invoices any longer. Management and organisation of your invoice says will also be a lot easier as a result.

Are you working in the travel industry or any other type of job or are often on the go? Check out E-Invoice and learn about the many benefits it can provide you!

The British Get More University Offers Than Other Ethnicities

British natives are more likely to get university offers than other ethnicities, according to The Guardian. A new report found that twelve of the 14 minority groups in the study were less likely to receive university offers compared with white Britons.

The study, conducted to take a look at the question of ethnic differences in universities in the UK determined that applications from 12 of the 14 minority groups included in the analysis were significantly less likely to result in an offer.

In terms of academic and social characteristic factors, the study found the disadvantage was greatest with immigrants from Pakistan. Those received on average seven additional rejections for every 100 applications.

Private Schools in the UK

It was just a few weeks ago when the BBC reported about a study that found that pupils who visit private schools are getting better paid jobs. For me as a parent, this is just one of the numerous evidences that private schools are a better option as compared to public schooling.

Private Schools UKToday, with more pupils and classes that exceed 40 or more students not exactly a rarity, parents would be advised to think over whether public schools can really give their children the education they need and deserve.

This is especially important if a kid would have learning troubles, something which will demand particular attention and focus.

In today’s overcrowded classrooms, to give this attention to individual children is often simply not possible.

Let me list you some of the advantages of independent private schools and why you should consider them:

* Fewer pupils means the teacher can focus on those children who need more support

* Teachers are often more committed and motivated

* Better integration of our children in extra curricular activities such as team sports

* Your children can be taken care-off 24/7 and not only during those hours in class

* Better education means better grades and admission to better schools later on.

* Pupils that attended private schools earn almost £200,000 more between the ages of 26 and 42 according to studies.

Selecting your children’s education is a decision that should not be made lightly. In the UK there exist sponsorship programs so that  private education is now accessible for many regardless of their financial status. If you’re curious about finding a good private school in the United Kingdom, see private schools Hertfordshire. There you can get more information if you’re looking for a prep school in the Hertforshire area.


New O2 Offer For Unlimited Data For Europe Travellers

If you travel frequently, this offer by O2 may be interesting for you: The mobile provider now offers unlimited data all throughout Europe for just £2 per day.

O2’s has now updated its travel tariff to make roaming more attractive.

This means there is only EE left as the only network still following the old-school megabytes-for-money package model.

Pay-monthly O2 customers can take advantage of unlimited data roaming across Europe for just under £2 per day.

The mobile provider’s Pay-as-you-go customers can also get the travel bundle, but it will be limited to only get 50MB of data each day. So check out their new offer if you travel often and want to save some money on roaming costs!